Needle-Free Mesotherapy

Micro-Tip Transdermal Technology
Twenty-five hollow micro tips non-invasively penetrate the skin’s surface to deposit the chosen product without trauma or pain

Electroporation Technology
Simultaneously, a micro-current changes the permeability of skin tissue by breaking the cell adhesion molecules (CAMs). This creates a reversible lipid bilateral aqueous channel allowing product to be introduced and absorbed into the skin’s dermis layer

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Innovative Needle-Free Mesotherapy Treatment

Hair restoration treatment with Smart meso

Treatment Overview

What is a Smart Meso?

The Smart Meso device comes with a range of high-tech serums to use on the face and scalp. During the treatment, tiny fractional pins attached to a device-head puncture the skin to a depth of 0.5mm (or less), at the same time injecting the specialised serum where it works on a cellular level, within the upper layers of the dermis.  The fractional pins also help to boost collagen and elastin too. 

How does it work?

There are 2 steps:- Fractional Mesotherapy: The oscillating head piece of 25 tiny Hollow Microchips puncture the surface of the skin without breaking the epidermis and a skin serum is delivered into the skin. Pain free and non-invasively.

Electroporation As the head touches the skin a micro current breaks the CAM’s (cell adhesion molecules) allowing the serum to penetrate the epidermis for an 84% increase in transdermal penetration (absorption). Is it like micro-needling/ derma pen ?

Does it Hurt?

No Smart Meso is completely pain free and non-invasive. A slight “erythema” is common and encouraged as it shows a reaction in the skin and lasts only 20 minutes.

Is it Safe?

SmartMeso is extremely safe and effective whilst non-invasive. Depth of penetration, dosage and electroporation are all adjustable to meet the clients individual skin type needs.

Who should use Smart Meso?

Any client with a requirement to stimulate and feed the skin or scalp to improve tone, health, vitality of skin and looking to rejuvenate the skin for and combat the signs of aging. Ideal for the client not wanting down time or pain associated with invasive treatments.

Price List

Treatments Cost
One Treatment £129
Three Treatments £327
Six Treatments £599