NailFungal Solution


Most common fungal species (approx. 90% cases) involve Trichophyton rubrum & Trichophytonmentagrophytes

Usually toenails are affected but can affect fingernails

If anti-fungal drug therapy used it can be toxic and long term

New laser solutions offer an easier non-toxic option…..

Two forms of Nd:YAG laser solution have been shown to clear fungal nail infections:-
  • Treaments: Long pulsed Nd:YAG which heats the nail bed destroying the fungus Q-Switched Nd:YAG which directly destroys the fungus
  • Appointments 7 days a week    
  • The most natural looking results   

Solution Overview

Most Common Fungal Species Contain Pigments ?

Just like a tattoo the Q-switched laser will be absorbed by the pigments in nail fungus

  • 1064 Infra Red laser wavelength will be absorbed in dark fungal pigment
  • 532 Visible Green laser wavelength will be absorbed in red / brown fungal pigment


  • The client should have a proper diagnosis of Nail Fungal infection made by a doctor or Podiatrist.
  • The client must attend with clean feet and with their toenails (or finger nails if affected) completely clear of any nail varnish and / or nail varnish remover
  • They must bring a brand new pair of socks with them to avoid re-infecting the treated nails after the solution
  • The area under and around the site where the solution will take place should be protected with several sheets of tissue such as couch roll. This is to catch any spores that may be emitted during solution – this must be carefully disposed of after solution

Test Patch To Check Client Tolerance

  • Using the 1064 nm laser tip the laser must be set to deliver a Fluence of 12 J/cm2 using a 3 mm “spot size”. Defocus your laser by moving it closer or further away from the nail until you achieve this beam diameter.
  • If your laser displays millijoules per pulse rather than J/cm2 please refer to the separate Fluence calculator to determine the mJ you will need to set on your laser
  • The Pulse Rate should be set to 6 Hz
  • The beam in moved in one “row” across the nail preferably along the outer edge of the nail.
  • The client may not feel any sensation from the laser beam but a slight warmth is acceptable .If there is no fungal infection present it is unlikely that the client will feel any sensation whatsoever
  • If the client feels pain then the energy should be reduced
  • Next the laser tip is changed to the 532 nm tip and the test patch process repeated on the same nail to check client tolerance using the same energy levels and focal distance as before
  • Please note that the 532 nm green wavelength may cause more heat / pain due to absorption in red blood capillaries under the nail. Energy settings should be lowered if the client experiences this

Full Solution

  • Use the energy level that was determined from the test patch
  • The laser is used in a systematic pass over the complete nail surface using the 1064 tip. Remember to defocus the beam to achieve a 3 mm spot size
  • A second pass using the 532 tip is then carried out at the energy level determined from the 532nm test patch
  • Again remember to keep the laser defocused to maintain a 3 mm spot size
  • Move the laser beam across the nail systematically to cover the whole surface of the nail
  • Some clinics treat every nail even if no signs of fungus are present just in case the infection is at an early stage

Solution Regime

  • It is usual for clients to have a second solution (comprising the two wavelength passes) one month later.
  • It is possible to have further solutions spaced one month apart if necessary. However, in the original technical publication describing this solution, it was suggested that 2 sessions were sufficient to kill the fungus.

Post Solution Care

  • It is important that clients do not use the same socks following solution as cross-contamination with fungal spores may result
  • They should change socks and shoes frequently to try to keep their feet dry and free from perspiration
  • Antifungal powders in socks can help prevent re-infection

Price List

Solutions Price
One toe nail fungal laser solution £99
Two toe nail fungal laser solution £198
One foot £250
Both Feet £475